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Read more about buy YT Views here. Once your initial plugin setup is complete, the next step is to connect the plugin to your YouTube account. This is a great way to add chapters to your video and help users navigate to the portions they are most interested in. Not only do timestamps improve the viewer experience, but they also serve as a video SEO hack since both YouTube and Google reward their use.



Just like in the case of the "Tortoise and the Hare," slow and steady wins the race. Research content subject matter, track comments and know the exact moment that a video is released to YouTube, and more to find "diamond in the rough" pages for fresh content. Get access to no-cost music tracks and collections that can be utilized for YouTube videos. Always be considerate of your viewers’ disabilities to reach a broader audience. Prioritize studying your audience’s behaviors and preferences to build a relationship with them and make content that caters to them. For a more detailed look into the entire pre-production process , here’s another resource for you.



With your mobile phone, you can still produce high-quality live streams, as long as you have some mobile live streaming equipment to enhance your stream and a good internet connection. Tubular Insights tracks all video content from all devices and platforms from across the globe. Formally known as ReelSEO, Tubular Insightskeeps you up to date with the latest trends, tips, and analysis for your video marketing strategy. This tool offers tutorials for both beginners and long-time YouTube creators. You can also take advantage of their consulting services to help your channel grow. It’s useful for effectively improving your social media marketing strategy.



A popular video that inspires many people to click over to the brand website can also indirectly help to raise the rankings of your site itself. The additional traffic, particularly from these engaged users who have already expressed an interest in your business, can help improve your site metrics for the search algorithm. YouTube SEO also allows you to include links in the comment section of videos, so taking advantage of this opportunity can make it even easier for interested viewers to click over to your site. Similarly, videos shared on almost all social media platforms now automatically start or play without sound. Including subtitles will help get your message across, whether it’s on mute or not. Videos also improve social engagement as they create trust and connections between brands and customers, develop brand loyalty, improve lead generation, and stimulate relevant conversations.



Also, sometimes the audience does suggest content ideas for your following videos. Do try to make a few videos from the suggestions made by your audience as it encourages audience participation. Visit your competitors’ channels and see the keywords and tags they have used on their most popular videos.



Video thumbnails are the main images viewers see when scrolling through a list of video results, and yours can have a large impact on the number of clicks and views your video receives. YouTube will auto-generate a few thumbnail options for your video, but we highly recommend uploading a custom thumbnail. After you upload a video, YouTube will allow you to choose a video category under Manage Videos. Video categories group your video with related content on the platform. Adding a trailer or a featured video share the same process, so follow the steps below to do both. One-quarter of internet users spend 10 hours or more watching videos, and YouTube has more than two billion active users worldwide.



Polls and questions perform surprisingly well for audience engagement. They are a staple of mid-funnel ‘consideration’ content aimed at engaging an existing audience. They combine the pleasure of learning with the comfort of entertainment.



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